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Questions and Answers
Get answers to your
Zoroastrian Religious
questions from our scholars.
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Courses, Certificate, and
Degree Programs in

You have taken the First Step towards learning the
Message of Ashu Zarathushtra from the ultimate
source in Zoroastrianism scholastic community.

We have many dynamic programs to offer you.

Online Short Courses for Public

1) Laugh and Learn (Zoroastrian Religion)
Read more.
2) Culture of Iran         Read more.

Certificate Program in Message of Ashu
Zarathushtra (Three short courses)
: This
program is for you- if you are interested in knowing
more about era, message, and legacy of Ashu
Zarathushtra.. Click here for more..

Certificate Program in Zarathushtrian
Religion and Philosophy (short course)
: This
program is for you- if you are a student of
comparative religions, theology, philosophy, Iranian
Studies, or other who wish to have a complete
education in respected field. Certificate
program is ….. Click to learn more.

Combined Degree Program towards
Doctorate Degree
: If you are determined to
become a king (top scholar) in Zarathushtrian field,
then you have come to the right place. This
program…. Click to learn more.

Masters in Zarathushtrian Studies: This
program is for you if you wish to master the
Zarathushtrian Studies discipline.
The program is…. Click to learn more.

Doctorate in Zarathushtrian Studies: This
program is for you if you want to become a
scholar in the field.
Doctorate program is…. Click for more info.

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3700 years ago the world’s first philosopher gave mankind the ever-green philosophy of life which can be used in any field. Even in the most modern era, the same philosophy of life is seen being used right from government to Science to business.

The man named Zarathushtra composed the ever-fresh, modern, and sublime – The Gathas. These universal sublime songs are an eternally modern and thought provoking message, guiding humanity in thoughts, words, and deeds.

The Gathas are extremely practical and timeless principles of life. They promote freedom of choice in thoughts, words and actions. Adaptive in nature, they do not prescribe any do's and don'ts for its followers.
Gathas form the core of a faith rich in ethics, morals, and divinity – The Religion of 'Good Conscience’ also known as “Good Religion”.

Learn more about Zarathushtra
and his “Good Conscience”

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Do you want a Zoroastrian Ceremony to be conducted?
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Students, Researchers, and Professors

Spenta announces it's popular Zoroastrian Essay
   and painting contest for the next academic year.Read more.

   Spenta University is celebrating its 18th years of service to Zoroastrian
   community.Read more.


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