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letter from Mr. Dariush K. Irani, President of the Zarathushtrian Assembly (in English)

Letter from Mr. Daruish K. Irani, President of the Zarathushtrian Assembly (in Persian)

Dr. Farhang Mehr letter of commendation


Doctorate Degree Program

Spenta’s gravity is irresistible to every serious student, who is flying in the universe of Zoroastrianism! By
this gravity, Spenta always attract the best teachers, books, students, researchers But don’t think that it is
a planet of this universe, as Spenta is indeed the Sun of Zoroastrian education. I came to Spenta by its
wonderful attraction, and I am not going to leave it! I received everything I wanted to know about
Zoroastrianism here, and even more than what I wanted! I tell you more about it when we meet here in
Spenta I am sure that I meet you, as I know that every serious student, sooner or later comes to Spenta
and you are serious about Zoroastrianism, aren’t you??
With Vohuman,

I would like to thank the Professors and Administrators at Spenta University for making my pursuit of
Doctoral Program accessible and affordable. I have received nothing but the most gracious attention to
my needs as an individual. Starting from the Admissions process, moving through the Financial Aid
Department and finally meeting my Professor online, has been an immensely pleasurable experience for
Spenta offered me numerous Financial Aid options in order to make it easy for someone like me, a
Professor with a full-time teaching position, to pursue my most important goal. I would proudly
recommend Spenta University to anyone seeking a post-graduate degree.
I would welcome anyone interested in Spenta to call my personal cell phone in the U.S. at 816-405-
6252, or write me at, so that I may recommend their programs personally.

Robert Scott Nelson
Wentworth Military Academy
Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A.

Combined Degree (Residential Program)
27 Shahryvar 1380,

In the name of Ahura Mazda

To Spenta University, India/Pune

Attn: Mr. Omid Minu-Sepehr and all Spenta Family

Dear Sir:
Many many thanks for all you have done and you are doing for my son Pedram and Zoroastrian
Community in India/Pune and all over the world. You are teaching them the great Zarathusht philosophy
in new method which the subjects are pure, clear, modern and interesting to understand and to use the
reality of good thought, good deed, and good words.
When I was there I found my son learned to be self managed, self discipline, and interested in
Zarathusht’s Gatha and Zarathusht thought and much more.
So, I wish you and all Spenta family all the best.
Farshid Ezzati,

To, Dr. Omid Minu-Sepehr, Provost
From: Nauzar Bharucha
Subject: Comparison of Tuckies and Spentians (Note: Tuckie University has been selected as the best
Graduate School)
Dear Sir,
Writing today gives me great pleasure and a fruitful feeling of the status, structure and fundamentals
Spenta has achieved.
After reading about “Tuckies”, I can easily say (being one of the oldest students), that we Spentians are
on the same par with them, and if not better. When you asked me to read and compare our college with
the best business college the world, my immediate reaction was, “What’s the difference.” Today I stand
proud as a student of Spenta, knowing that we practice standards as seen by the academic community as
“the” best standards I the world.
As I understand (from the news paper review) that at Tuck University they practice teaching and learning
criteria’s which now, seems that we have always done at Spenta. A few points of Tucks University by
which they have been granted this very designated post as one of the best are:

(1) Team Work: AT Spenta we have as saying about teamwork
“Coming together is the beginning,
Keeping together is success,
And working together is progress.”
Here I would like to point out that at Spenta we underline enough importance of teamwork and team
spirit, s o as to enable us to develop into citizens who not only will give to society the best of our abilities,
but also motivate other to work with them and in turn do their bit for their fruitfulness of everyone’s lives.

(2) Study Group: Again a concept to Spenta. At Spenta we as student are encouraged not only to
understand particular subject from text book, but also to further our interests by holding class discussion
with lecturer and also with different people so as to broader our horizons into the aspect for every
subject and bring our education into a concept of reality.

(3) Yoga Classes and Sport Team: A very important aspect of Spenta- physical health. Again here
Spenta goes one foot ahead not only seeing to the mental well being of it’s staff, faculty and students, but
also into their physical well being. We at Spenta have full-fledged yoga classes (and also therapy, for
those who need), and also have an upcoming football team. The team is all ready to step into competition
as guided by a competent coach and great team drive we are ready to take on the best in the local
circuits here. Spenta also monitors each Spentian’s (be it staff, faculty, or student) dietary aspects and
help in charting out proper day-to-day eating habits. This I think goes further than any college, industry,
university in the world.

These are only certain points of comparison, and /or similarities of the Spenta, with “the best college” in
the world. By now I am sure you must have got a good picture of what the end result of Spentian is going
to be.
I have only given a few points, here as there are many and I would not like to take your valuable time in
comparing all of them. However, I will summarize these, points as:
Family atmosphere, loyalty to each other, efforts on interpersonal communication skills, Chain of
Command, Discipline and leadership. These points are not only practices at Spenta, but I am sure if at
any point you see a Spentian you will see it personified to perfection.
I take this opportunity to thank you for your help in building the future for ourselves and our children and
I think with this new crop of leaders Zarathushtra’s vision of Humata, Hukhta, and Huvarashta will come
to pass.



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