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Good Religon CD    

The CD is an absolute must for those who:
Wish to learn about the message of Zarathushtra in an easy and interesting way.
Want to prepare for their Initiation Ceremony (Navjote/Sedreh-poushi)
Wish to advance in all aspects of the Good Religion.

So go ahead join us in this wonderful intellectual journey and enjoy the beauty and magnificence of the Good Religion. Let the fire inside you burn brighter and lead humanity to a peaceful and progressive world.

The CD Contains:
1- Games and Quizzes, thecomplete 17 songs of the Gathas- with narrations.
2- A story (in line with the Gathas)- with narrations.
3- A collection of the text material spanning the History, Philosophy, Practices and much more.
4- Demonstration and explanation of the Initiation Ceremony.

This CD is made by leadership of Hirbad Armina Kapadia and assistance of Hirbad Behram Daruwalla, the effort of Spenta’s researchers, and financial support of Spenta staff.

System requirements:
For windows 95,98,2000, XP, and ME
800 MHZ Pentium III or equivalent
128 MB RAM minimum
(225 MB for Windows 2000/XP)
Quick Time Media Player.
CD Rom 40 x or higher
Windows Media player, compatible sound card and speakers system or headphone.
Best Viewed under 800X600 Screen Resolution.

Get your own copy of
Good Religion CD

For only 29.99 USD

The first 50 copy will be autographed by
the Project Leader!